Postsecondary Study Opportunities

Monroe County…

Is proud to be the home of Hiwassee College and is committed to helping all of its citizens further their educations. Whether as a lifetime goal, workplace skill development, or preparation for a postsecondary certification or degree program, Monroe County endeavors to provide both recent high school grads and others with access to the all of the tools needed to further their educational. For information about adult education opportunities supported by Monroe County School System, use the link below:

Monroe County Schools Adult Education

The State of Tennessee…

The Tennessee Higher Education Commission (THEC) coordinates the State’s 51 public colleges, universities, and Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology. It also maintains working relationships with many independent institutions. To browse the various institutions’ websites, use the links below. Monroe County’s proximity to many of the institutions noted offers its citizens and employers a fine mix of resources for workforce development, undergraduate, and postgraduate study.

The University of Tennessee (UT)

The Tennessee Board of Regents System (TBR)

Tennessee Independent Colleges and Universities Association (TICUA)

The Tennessee Association of Independent Colleges and Schools (TAICS)

Governor Haslem Launches “Drive to 55”

Officially launched in September of 2013, the goal “is to bring the percentage of Tennesseans with college degrees or certifications to 55% by the year 2025.” The plan is to, “Better prepare students to reduce the need for remedial courses…improve mentoring; reduce financial barriers to education… increase graduation rates; better serve the 940,000 adults with some college but no degree; and identify and proactively fill the skills gaps of the future.” To learn more about what the program has for the class of 2015 and adults, click on the link below. Excerpts: “Drive to 55,”, (accessed June 19, 2014).

Drive to 55 – Cornerstone Initiatives