Network Administrator

Nature of Work
This is very responsible technical work assisting with computer networks and information services for Monroe County government. Activities associated with the job include assisting with trouble-shooting and correcting network infrastructure problems, maintaining various software programs and systems, providing assistance with information service planning and helping employees with computer hardware problems and software applications. Additional responsibilities include assisting with solving network engineering and design problems, assisting employees with technical difficulties and/or software applications and maintaining all internal and external data communications pathways. The incumbent is also responsible for assisting with the installation, maintenance and administration of network servers and routers and network security and intrusion detection. Job responsibilities require considerable experience in developing and maintaining computer networks, hardware components and software applications utilized to support county government operations. The incumbent should also possess strong interpersonal, organizational and decision-making skills and sufficient strength and agility to perform the physically demanding aspects of the job. Job performance is evaluated by the Information Technology Director through review of technical expertise, level of support provided for the network and systems users, adherence to county procurement and purchasing policies, interpersonal, organizational and decision-making skills and ability to meet established deadlines and reporting requirements.

Must be able to:
Establish good relationships with all departments.
Consult with departments about their IT needs.
Research latest hardware and software technologies for improvements.
Install and configure hardware and software components to ensure usability.
Perform disaster recovery operations and conduct daily backup operations.
Troubleshoot, diagnose and resolve hardware, software, and other network connectivity problems while maintaining thorough documentation.
Maintain hardware and software.
Protect data, software, and hardware by coordinating, planning and implementing network security measures.
Provide technical remote support via email, web and phone.
Oversee local area network and wide area network.
Plan, implement, manage, monitor and upgrade the County websites.
Provide hardware and software training to include writing instruction manuals as necessary.
Ability to perform the physically demanding aspects of the job including heavy lifting (up to 60 pounds), bending, stooping and working in confined spaces.

Please send resume to Haleigh Steele