Kennel Attendant

The Kennel Attendant is responsible for maintaining proper disease control protocols, including cleaning of the facility, laundry, and general maintenance of the facility.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
1. Perform daily cleaning of holding cages, crates and public areas, following proper disease control protocol to ensure the highest standard of cleanliness
2. Keep Director, Kennel Manager and Vet informed of animal behavior, and any health concerns
3. Stock all kennel/cleaning supplies as needed throughout the shelter
4. Spot clean kennels and public areas throughout the day
5. Separate, wash, fold, and stock kennel laundry throughout the shelter daily
6. Prepare clean mop buckets
7. Wash and disinfect water and food bowls daily
8. Communicate with the public on a regular or as-needed basis in a professional manner
9. Rotate through other kennel assistant positions as needed
10. Assist in cleaning kitchen
11. Supervise trustees

Additional Information
1. Must be able to learn basic veterinary medical concepts, including but not limited to disease prevention, and patient risk factors
2. Must provide a valid driver’s license upon hire
3. Able to occasionally work in physically challenging conditions, including harsh temperatures or unsanitary environments. Environmental factors include:
4. Exposure to biological hazards, such as feces and blood
5. Exposure to sharp objects
6. Occasionally working in constricted spaces with narrow passageways
7. Working in environments that include loud noises
8. Working in environments that may have wet, slippery, greasy, oily, dirty surfaces or strong odors.
1. Communicate in an effective and professional manner with volunteers. the public, trustees, and staff members
2. Follow all written and verbally communicated departmental standard operating procedures
3. Must be able to handle multiple tasks at once
4. Must be able to lift and carry up to 45+ pounds
5. Must be able to work standing for 8 or more hours
6. Position requires weekends, holidays, and possible evening hours. as well as flexibility.

English (Required)

Education and Work Experience:
High School Diploma or GED
Experience with Dogs and Cats Preferred but not required